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Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai (MoCA Shanghai) was founded in 2005 as a private contemporary art museum in China. Housed in the heart of Shanghai in People’s Park, our vision from the beginning has been to “gather together excellent artwork from around the world,” and to provide a platform for showcasing Chinese and international contemporary artists.

For over a decade, MoCA Shanghai has remained on the pulse of cultural shifts in contemporary art and design. We have created partnerships with top artists and institutions to imagine new possibilities, and helped expand the influence and understanding of Chinese contemporary art across the globe. In addition, MoCA’s interdisciplinary exhibitions as part of our “CROSS+” initiative attempt to broaden the definitions of art, and will prove important for the museum’s future development. By unearthing young talent, curating cross-cultural and cross-industry exhibitions, and integrating new technologies, we strive to make MoCA “museum of the people” for citizens of Shanghai and the world.

The Architecture

Originally built as a greenhouse, the building was renovated to hold a 4,000-square meter museum space while preserving the outer glass wall. Our first and second floor exhibition spaces are a combined area of around 1,800 square meters, with 300 square meters of additional space on the third floor. All exhibition areas are equipped with professional temperature and humidity control equipment. Our 160-square meter restaurant, MoCA on the Park, is also located on the museum’s third floor, and makes an ideal setting for corporate or private events. From the rooftop terrace, guests are treated to stunning 360o views of lush greenery and some of Shanghai’s most historic buildings.

??MoCA Pavilion

Opened in 2015, MoCA Pavilion is a new space by Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai dedicated to emerging artists and ideas. Located at Gate 7 of People’s Park, it is a free and welcoming environment for the public to discover works of contemporary artists. Our mission is to foster new trends in contemporary art, support emerging artists, and facilitate personal encounters between artists and the community.

Tel: 86 2163279900

Fax: 86 2163271257


WeChat ID: MoCA-shanghai


Address: Gate 7 People’s Park, 231 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, PR.China

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